Asking For A Friend by Kate Mallinder


Asking for a Friend, the latest novel from Kate Mallinder, is a heart warming, feel good story. Just perfect for delving into at the moment. It really is!

Hattie, Agnes and Jake start off as unlikely friends. But, a series of conversations and incidents send them off, together, on a holiday to Weston. They head off to the most delightful, and super chintzy B&B, filled with some fabulous characters!

The multiple narratives allow each character to shine through, and for us to empathise with each of them…

Each of them has something they are dealing with – online bullying, Asperger’s syndrome and health. Each of them really needs this holiday. And during the course of their holiday, each of them learns what it is to be, and to have, a real friend. They learn to trust, to listen and to believe in each other.

Asking for a Friend is a wonderful feel good, absorbing read from Kate Mallinder who doesn’t shy away from tough topics.


Kate Mallinder
Firefly Press

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