Arlo the Lion who couldn’t Sleep by Catherine Rayner

This latest offering from award-winning Catherine Rayner is truly mesmerising, a spectacular combination of melodic words and phrases coupled with stunning, breath-taking pictures. Arlo is a beautifully illustrated lion – all squiggles, lines and texture which work together to portray him as a cuddly, endearing, scruff pot of a big cat. Hailed as the perfect bedtime book, readers joins the loveable lion as he struggles to settle and sympathise with him as he tosses, turns and tries to get some much needed slumber.

The story begins with a completely exhausted and totally fed up Arlo. It is night-time and he can’t drift off no matter how hard he tries, despite his overwhelming fatigue. His bedtime surroundings are either too prickly, too hard, too noisy, too hot or too quiet and his family are just much too wriggly! In a state of frustration, a very tired Arlo gets up and sets off for a wander. Whilst tiptoeing around in a sleepy haze he bumps into an owl who, on hearing of his troubles, offers some tuneful words of wisdom. Words that lend themselves to a soothing lullaby score and begin ‘have a good stretch from your nose to your toes, do a little wriggle, let your eyes gently close.’ Arlo lays down, stretches and relaxes as the owl continues her dreamy song. And you’ve guessed it, before long Arlo is fast asleep!

Catherine Rayner has not only created a beautiful book to share but has also provided families with a lovely little meditative song to add to their bedtime routines. One to help little ones clear their minds of worries and their bodies relax to help them drift off to sleep with a sense of calm and tranquillity.



Catherine Rayner
Catherine Rayner

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