Anisha Accidental Detective: School’s Cancelled!


The next book in the Anisha, Accidental Detective series has landed, and it’s fabulous!

Anisha is the energetic, loveable star of the series, and in this one she again finds herself in the middle of a tricky situation.

The practice run for the Science demo went wrong… and when I say wrong, I mean disastrously wrong. We’re talking flooded corridors wrong! Oops. But, Anisha, Milo and Govi had been working so hard on this, paying attention to ALL the details – how could it end up as such a disaster?

Anisha smells foul play at work.

And she knows she must find out who is responsible, otherwise, the whole group won’t be able to take part at the Science Fair. And that just wouldn’t be… fair!

This is a great one for readers to get involved in – making their own suspect list and compiling evidence at the story unfolds.

In the background, (althought Aunty Bindi would have a lot to say about that description!) are preparations for Granny’s big birthday – taking place the same weekend as the Science Fair. Aunty Bindi is brilliantly flambount, a whirlwind of energy, whilst Granny is often there for Anisha – giving words of wisdom just at the right moments.

I love how Anisha is surrounded by her busy, yet super caring family.

If you haven’t discovered Anisha yet, I highly encourage you to dive in – you’ll be richly rewarded by a a funny, warm and highly entertaining journey.

Psst: Book One in the series…




Serena Patel
Emma McCann

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