Again!Tapping in to the humour of parents and children alike, Again! from Emily Gravett is just right for bedtime.

Bright, captivating and vibrant illustrations from UK’s Emily Gravett effortlessly re capture a scenario all too familiar in households with little occupants. Know any expectant parents? Send them this one, as a warning friendly chuckle at what is around the corner.

Cedric the dragon, at bedtime, quietly listens to the detailed story from his mum … then emits that little word … ‘again?’ … urm, more than once! Almost patient mum (I like that about her), re tells the story several times, with a few omissions each time and a few not so subtle hints woven in to the story – this became very familiar.

Again! - InsideLove the pencil scrawled AGAIN! on the pages as little Cedric does what most little people do – get angry. However, being a dragon, Cedric turns red and breathes …… yep! … with fun consequences to the final pages of the book! Love the imagination in this, and the tongue in cheek humour evident here is always a hit a My Book Corner.

Again! made the The CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2013 shortlist.

Enjoy and don’t forget to have a go at drawing your own dragon via the video below …


Emily Gravett
Emily Gravett

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