Aerodynamics of Biscuits

aerodynamics of biscuits

Aerodynamics of Biscuits is biscuit filled, pirate-mice swash buckling adventure which takes readers to the moon … and back again. Clare Helen Walsh and Sophia Touliatou have created a fun picture book which will make you see biscuits (and brie!) quite differently.

When young Oliver sneaks down in the middle of the night to snaffle some biscuits, only to find the tin completely empty, the last thing he suspects is a band of pirate mice.

In a fabulous twist these determined mice aren’t nibbling on the biscuits to fill their tummies, they need them to build a rocket which will fly them to the moon. The moon? Well that’s where all the best cheese is of course, and mice do love cheese.

Oliver takes pity on the pirates’ failed attempts and helps them build a super rocket – aerodynamic of course – and so their adventure .. takes off.

Clare’s writing is fun and fast paced. There are some great details and twists. The narrative is filled with wonderful phrases such as ‘guzzling and gulping,’ ‘toe chewing troll’and ‘goat guzzling giant’ which are wonderful fun to read out loud.

Aerodynamics of Biscuits - My Book Cotner


Sophia’s illustrations are full of details, with plenty to observe on each page. I love her double page spread showing Oliver in the midst of building the biscuit rocket.

Aerodynamics of Biscuits is a wonderfully original picture book, with plenty of giggles and fun.



Clare Helen Welsh
Sophia Touliatou
Maverick Books

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