A Pizza With Everything On It by Kyle Scheele and Andy J.Pizza


When it comes to pizza, I hold my hands up. Without a doubt, the best pizza in my eyes is a Margherita pizza, nothing more. I definitely don’t need everything on it. BUT when it comes to books, I totally recommend  A Pizza With Everything On It, written by Kyle Scheele and illustrated by Andy J. Pizza.

I just adore picture books which get more and more extreme, and when you think they can’t get any more bizarre, then think again! ‘A Pizza With Everything On It’ is such a book. The premise of the book is simple. A kid wants to make a pizza with his Dad, but not just any old pizza… a pizza with everything on it! And so the chaos begins! Not only do they put four different types of cheese, pepperoni, sausage, tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms on it, they put EVERYTHING on it, including books, a bicycle and even the White House! Unfortunately, there is a culinary catastrophe which has disastrous consequences, destroying the universe. You’ll have to read the book to find out if anyone can ever enjoy pizza again!

The book is such a joy to look at. I especially like the completely black pages, with just eyes staring at each other and the spread with the pizza big bang! BOOM!
I have the hardback version of this book, and there is such a clever touch with the book jacket. Underneath it, the book looks like a pizza box!

As you can probably tell, I just adore A Pizza With Everything On It (when it comes to
books anyway!).


Kyle Scheele
Andy J.Pizza
Chronicle Books

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