A Mouse Called Julian by Joe Todd-Stanton


Not since The Gruffalo has a picture book about a mouse had such a twist in the tale!!

Julian the mouse is a loner.

He avoids the animals above ground because they try to eat him.

He avoids the animals below ground because they get in the way.

He gets on perfectly happily on his own.

But Julian didn’t know that he was being watched.

When a fox decides that he is going to eat Julian for dinner, things take a strange turn and the fox and Julian both end up in a sticky situation.

Sometimes mistakes lead to new ideas and before long, Julian and the fox have reached a truce that gradually turns to a tentative friendship. But, when push comes to shove, can a mouse really trust a fox?

A Mouse Called Julian is a fantastic book that looks at the idea of ‘one good turn deserves another’ and explores the importance of alliances.

The lovely illustrations, created by the author, add to the reading experience. The expressive faces of the animal characters, especially Julian’s fear, determination and thoughtfulness, are shown mostly through his big wide eyes. This really helps the reader to connect emotionally with the characters and the situations they find themselves in.

A great book recommended to younger readers as a funny bedtime story.



Joe Todd-Stanton
Joe Todd-Stanton
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