A Hat Full of Secrets by Karl Newson & Wazza Pink


The relationship between grandparent and grandchild can be a magical one for those lucky enough to experience it. This book gloriously portrays such a bond between a young boy named Henry and his full of stories, adventure seeking Grandad.

As a Mum to a Henry, with only heart eyes for his Grandad, I saved this delight for them to read together. Cuddled up in the armchair they took it in turns to read a page each. As an early reader text it is the perfect level for six year old H to read. The beautifully bright illustrations from Wazza Pink adorn each page and provide inspiration for discussion of different parts of the story. The variations in text direction, size and font also grab the attention of young readers and make the reading experience an exciting and enjoyable one for all.

So, let’s get to the story. Young Henry has a secret and it’s a big one, so big that it’s eating him up inside. Wise old grandad offers a pearl of wisdom and suggests he ‘keeps it under his hat.’ But there’s a problem, Henry doesn’t have a hat!

Luckily, good old Grandad has one. He reaches to grab it from the top of his wardrobe, dusts off the cobwebs and places it on his grandson’s head. Until now, this hat happens to have been keeping Grandad’s very own secrets safe and sound.

Along with Henry, the reader is taken on a fascinating journey as Grandad reveals his secrets one by one. Beautifully elaborated memories – facts wonderfully woven together with fiction courtesy of grandad’s amazing imagination.

This really is a lovely, heartwarming story highlighting the benefits of talking and sharing your secrets and worries, memories and dreams.

Verdict from my Henry, age 6
“It was good and funny. I couldn’t believe all the things the Grandad had done! All the secrets were so good! I loved Henry’s big secret at the end!’

Verdict from Henry’s Grandad, age 76
‘This was great to read aloud. A lovely way to share stories and memories with your grandchild and open up discussion about your own family history.’

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  1. Thank you very much for this lovely review! It’s wonderful to know the story was shared by a real-life Henry and his Grandad 🙂
    Best wishes, Karl

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