365 Penguins

365 PenguinsA beautifully large book with great splashes of vibrant colour make 365 Penguins an ideal picture book for the 4-6 group to flick through.

Laugh out loud as this confused family struggle to fit the penguins in to their house; look out for Chilly and his cute blue feet on each page and spot the most bizarre places the penguins can be found in!

The simple yet bright use of just orange, blue, black and white make this book visually appealing for younger age group. The mathematical problems (answers provided!), make it more engaging for 7-11 producing an ideal compromise for reading to siblings. The author also slots in an environmental message towards the end, how useful this really is I’m not convinced but it doesn’t distract from the great ending!

Our next step is to get hold of a copy of the ’24 Penguins before Christmas Advent Calender’ … now that looks good. Anybody else?


Jean-Luc Fromental
Joelle Jolivet
Henry N Adams

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