2020 International Book Giving Day – Poster Revealed

Today see the release of the 2020 International Book Giving Day poster. Designed by illustrator Sanne Dufft, it truly captures the joy of reading.

Isn’t it gorgeous?!


February 14th, is more commonly known as… International Book Giving Day. A day focused on getting books into the hands of as many children as possible across the globe. And at the last count, over 44 countries are taking part.

Now in it’s ninth year, I’m incredibly proud to see International Book Giving Day continue to grow and grow every year.

You can take part too – simply head to the official International Book Giving Day website to download, print and display this year’s poster. Browse the ‘How To’ guides on the websites for inspirations and ideas for how you can get involved.

Get ready for 14th February, International Book Giving Day!

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  1. This poster is so so beautiful!

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