100 Ideas For Primary Teachers – Reading For Pleasure by Scott Evans

Scott Evans, aptly known as The Reader Teacher, has put together an incredibly comprehensive guide, full of practical advice and solutions, to help teachers and adults encourage young learners to develop a love of reading.
In his introduction, Scott describes reading as being ‘the most important thing we can teach in our schools’ and goes on to explain how much it benefits children, not only in their academic lives, but also in their personal, social and economic development. It is no surprise then, that he is passionate about nurturing young readers and his enthusiasm for the topic has found its way into the pages of this book – 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers – Reading for Pleasure.
With practical advice and simple solutions on what you, your school, classroom, library or community can do to foster a love of reading that will enrich children’s lives, the user-friendly format of the makes it easy to jump straight to the sections that suit you and your school’s needs, with teaching tips and bonus ideas galore to help you get the ball rolling.
As an author, book blogger, and parent of two children who are very at different stages of learning to read, I was particularly pleased to see the following sections included in the book as I have seen first-hand how much of an impact they can have in connecting with readers:
Idea 1: Children’s Choice
Idea 36: Reading Aloud
Idea 46: Recent releases
Idea 74: The Power of Picture Books
Idea 93: Parent Partners
Idea 98 & 99: Author Visits & Adopt an Author
Each idea has further subsections like Teaching Tip for ideas on how to run the activity, Taking It Further for how to  extend the idea, and an extra-interesting Bonus Idea to take things further still. In practice, there are a lot more than 100 ideas. This book is positively bursting with creative solutions to revolutionise reading in schools. I hope it will be embraced by teachers everywhere.
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