You Make Me Smile

You Make Me Smile by Layn MarlowBeautifully evocative of a snowy winter, You Make Me Smile from Layn Marlow is perfect for those who celebrate Christmas in the northern hemisphere.

With just a sprinkling of words on each page, Layn Marlow’s atmospheric picture book works well with little listeners.

Our little narrator, awakes to day filled with ‘silently frozen flakes’ floating ‘ever so softly’ to the ground. Naturally, a snowman simply must be built.

Little ones adore how the young narrator speaks to the snowman she / he is building throughout the whole book.

Layn Marlow’s word are beautifully soft and descriptive as they take her reader’s through that exciting event – snowman building. With a fabulous ending, celebrating the cycle of the seasons, Layn has pitched this perfectly for her readers.

You Make Me Smile - InsideThe illustrations convey the stillness and excitement of those wonderful snow flurries, with a lovely warm and cosy feeling. You Make Me Smile is perfect little listeners.

You Make Me Smile is a featured title in our compilation of the Best Books for Christmas.


Layn Marlow
Layn Marlow
Oxford University Press

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