You Live Where?! by John Hay and Garry Parsons


This picture book will have you giggling through the bookshelves. “You Live Where?!” from John Hay and Garry Parsons may well be filled with lots of silly phrases… but it’s all super factual, fact fans!!

Down by the pool, at the start of the holidays, Kookaburra decides to get the conversation started by asking the most regular of questions, “where do you come from?”

An innocent enough question, to Roadrunner who is relaxing on the stripy lounge next to them… or so they thought!

You see, Roadrunner is from “Nowhere”, penguin joins in with the revelation that they are from “Nowhere Else.”

Well, John Hay skilfully keeps the conversations rolling on and ALL SORTS of wild and wacky place names are revealed, much to Kookaburra’s dismay – which is another fabulous source of humour. Familiar animals all revealing the unfamiliar, and giggle inducing places they are from – PeePeeTown, Toast, Little Snoring. The result is a rollicking read, with a glorious twist at the end.

Tucked in at the end, are all the details giving more information on the places mentioned in the book, and the birds that live there.

Populated with fun characters, Garry Parsons captures the scenes and personalities wonderfully – “You Live Where?!” really is a joy to read through.



John Hay
Garry Parsons

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