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youaintseennothingyetiI was brilliantly excited to see the second in the Nothing To See Here Hotel series pop through the letterbox. This series already has plenty of kids at school hooked and eagerly awaiting book two.

Book two doesn’t disappoint! Hooray! There are more ridiculously funny and quirky shenanigans happening in Frankie Banister’s hotel, and this story? It happens over just 24hours. Poor Frankie!

Frankie Banister’s parents run a hotel in Brighton, quite unlike any other hotel. It’s chock-a-block full of wonderful magical guests. Unfortunately, those guests don’t always behave… and that’s where Frankie has a few problems to solve.

Frankie’s mum Rani, is super excited. It’s Trogmanay. Preparations for the summer celebrations are going well – there’s going to be a mountain of food (including scrambled unicorn eggs, of course!), and a dazzling summer party filled with fireworks. Or. At least that was the plan. There’s a slight problem.

There’s a blizzard on its way. In summer! But that’s not the only strange thing about the blizzard… it’s also carrying a family of yetis. Of course!

And just to make sure Frankie has got even more to contend with, Steven Butler introduces us to Maudlin Maloney – who promptly curses everyone and everything! Butler’s narrative doesn’t rest or pause – this is a madcap 24hours for Frankie full of fast-paced chapters which speed the story. Can Frankie save Trogmanay from becoming a complete disaster?

Steven Lenton‘s illustrations are brilliantly amusing – bringing characters such as Nancy the Orkney Brittle Back spider to life. The illustration of the Trogmany Feast is quite something too! I also picked up on a couple of characters looking somewhat similar to a certain illustrator, and author!

I’d highly recommend that you check in to the Nothing To See Here Hotel as soon as possible. I loved both books in the series, and can’t wait to share You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yeti! in class. Psst, I’ve heard rumours of book three being created too!




Steven Butler
Steven Lenton
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