York’s Universe

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York's Universe

York’s Universe has an almost surreal like quality to it – dreamlike, quiet tones coalescing with an amazing array of illustrations and an unexpected twist.

York is a young boy who enjoys living in the midst of a busy city. Simple, brief sentences introduce us to aspects of his world … from where York eats, to the view from his window.

The arrival of a new teacher at school, from the country, tips York’s thoughts towards the countryside. What is life like outside the city? These thoughts invade his dreams until a chance encounter sparks the magical part of this unique picture book.

Giving flight and power to the imagination in a pure and simple form, this picture book is operating on many levels. It’s about discovery and different worlds. It’s about imagination and the power of a great picture book.

The illustrations accompanying the gentle narrative demonstrate multiple techniques. I love that Heidi has not limited herself to one approach – it adds to the subtle depth and the overall power. The front cover alone lends itself to many creative activities.

This is a book I keep coming back to, pouring over it in order to absorb its charm, intelligence and mystery.


Heidi Goh
Heidi Goh
Windy Hollow Books

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