Words And Your Heart

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Words And Your Heart‘Words have power.

Dun Dun Darrrr.’

Kate Jane Neal’s latest picture book, Words And Your Heart, rings true. So true.

It celebrates the wonderful power of the right words, said to the right person, at the right time. Neal does this through simple charm, pitched perfectly for little listeners. The result is a beautiful picture book – both to look at, and share.

Our words have the power to make someone smile, to make them giggle and to help them feel stronger.

Crucially, Neal’s narrative also briefly, but effectively, explores the power of words to hurt our feelings, and so Words And Your Heart becomes an incredibly useful picture book to share within the classroom too.

Neal illustrates her text with two wonderful characters. Her palette is largely restricted to red and black, with large amounts of white space utilised to great effect. This serves to highlight the carefully applied splashes of colour which pop up to celebrate the uplifting effect of great words on those who hear them… taking those words into their hearts.

Words And Your Heart from Kate Jane Neal is an uplifting and charming picture book about words and their power. Neal reminds us how much goodwill we can create by choosing our words carefully, and using them for the benefit of all those who hear them.


Kate Jane Neal
Kate Jane Neal
Simon & Schuster

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