Wild Animals of the North

Wild Animals of the North
is a glorious non-fiction tome. A feast for the eyes and the mind Braun takes his readers ‘on a journey to the farthest corners of the northern hemisphere.’

From dolphins delving in to the seas, to Canadian Beavers building dams, each glorious thick page brings us closer in knowledge to a myriad of wonderful creatures.

Wild Animals Of The North from Dieter Braun

For some animals Braun presents us with his heart stopping artwork where a soft colour palette reigns. For many others, he sits his illustrations alongside beautifully written prose providing insightful and intriguing details about the creatures’ habits.

Warning! The temptation to slip some of these pages in to picture frames is sky high, they are stunning.

Wild Animals Of The North from Dieter BraunBraun uses regions to present his animals – North America, Europe then Asia, allowing continuity to develop between each page.

Wild Animals Of The North from Dieter Braun

We are, as always, totally spoilt by the books produced by Flying Eye Books and Braun’s is no exception. Gorgeously thick pages and simply wonderful design scream high production value – is worth every penny. It’s a book that will last for years, provide plenty of enjoyment and entertainment.


Dieter Braun
Dieter Braun
Flying Eye Books

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