Whoa! I Spy a Werewolf! by Justin Davies & Kim Geyer

Whoa! Cover

So… you’re going to be a werewolf? Alice MacAlister knows all about this because she is one! What does a vegetarian werewolf eat and how can she stop a copy-cat were-wolf getting her into trouble? Alice finds herself on a Most-Wanted police list and time is running out for her to find out who put her there and why. With the help of her new friend Louis, a French werewolf of impeccable taste, together they set out to find out the identity of the mysterious shape-shifter as they tackle adventures even the bravest monster would run from!

As I devoured this book, I urged Alice, Kiki, Miss Pinky, Dustin and Jeanie onwards as they investigated, howled and escaped predicaments that will have you laughing out loud amid the mayhem. You’ll sit on the edge of your seat as you meet guffworms who power secret science labs and read all about Alice’s brush with the not so nice Vampire secret agents!

Justin Davies’s hilarious second novel in Alice’s adventures is a non-stop action-filled monstrous story of one young girls mission to clear her name and embrace her life as a werewolf.

An unputdownable story of friendship, bravery and courage, and a fantastic addition to your bookshelf from this fabulous author.

What’s next from Justin Davies? I can’t wait to find out!

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Justin Davies
Kim Geyer

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