Who Let the Gods Out


Who Let the Gods OutIf you like funny books, read this now.

I could actually leave my review at that, but in the interest of conscientiousness, I had better say a little more.

Who Let the Gods Out, written by Maz Evans, is the tale of Elliot, who lives with his mum on their old family farm. He has his own problems, in school and at home, and a horrible rich neighbour who is desperate to bulldoze the farm. As you can imagine from the title, it turns out Greek Deities exist, and things aren’t perfect in Elysium either. The more important gods like Zeus have all retired and hang out down on Earth, leaving the idiotically bureaucratic Zodiac Council to it. Virgo, a constellation, who usually does admin, ends up on Earth too, and together she and Elliot accidentally release Thanatos, evil Daemon of Death, from his eternal prison.

Oh dear.

Things go from bad to worse and they have to find and get the help of Zeus and his very funny steed Pegasus, along with a host of other gods, to put Thanatos back in his place.

Who Let The Dogs Out, by Maz Evans, is a hilarious romp of a book, with wonderful characterisation and by the seat of your pants action.

Maz Evans manages to bring the gods to life in a most unexpected and funny way, bringing a freshness to mythology which will get kids hooked. The absolutely pitch perfect TOWIE gods and the mayhem they get up together, is wonderfully madcap. But the heart of the book, and what makes it a truly brilliant read, is the personal challenges facing Elliot. Because we care about Elliot and his mum, we shoot along with him and Virgo, rooting for him all the way.

The second in the series, Simply The Quest, can be viewed here.

Maz Evans’s trilogy is featured in a our recommended collection of series fiction, discover the collection here. 


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