Where Snow Angels Go by Maggie O’Farrell & Daniela Jagalenka Terrazzini


A longer than normal picture book, this fabulous creation from Maggie O’Farrell & Daniela Jagalenka Terrazzini is a magical tale.

Where Snow Angels Go tells the story of Sylvie who, lying in bed one night, hears some very strange sounds.

“Have you ever woken suddenly, in the middle of the night, without knowing why?”


A unique and touching story develops. When Sylvie created a snow angel on the ground last winter, she actually created the most wonderful guardian angel.


“Things made of water or snow or ice are indestructible. If the sun comes out and dries us up, we just reform, elsewhere in the atmosphere. You’ve probably learned as much at school. It’s simple science.”

Sylvie’s guardian angel has, deliberately arrived at the right time – alerting her mum to Sylvie’s dangerous fever.

Sylvie wasn’t supposed to remember her encounter with the snow angel, but she does… and after her long recovery from her illness she wonders how to summon the angel again. Not for the faint-hearted, Sylvie puts herself in danger a couple of times in a desperate attempt to lure the Snow Angel back to her but thankfully learns that, “it didn’t work like that.”

O’Farrell’s lyrical story takes a wonderful turn when Sylvie realises that she wants all those she loves and cares for to have a guardian angel of their very own… and she sets about trying to achieve that very thing. The ending unfolds beautifully.

Where Snow Angels Go is a tender, heart-warming tale with the most exquisite illustrations from Daniela Jagalenka Terrazzini.



Maggie O'Farrell
Daniela Jagalenka Terrazzini
Walker Books

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