What’s the Matter Aunty May?

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What's the Matter Aunty May?

What’s the Matter Aunty May? is a funny, rhyme filled adventure, from Peter Friend.

Good intentions don’t always lead to best the outcomes, and unfortunately poor Aunty May discovers this during a very chaotic day indeed.
Our little narrator, decked out in bow tie, begins this by story sipping a cup of tea whilst asking his Aunty May the question,

‘Why did you scream, ‘Enough! Enough!’

See, the vase that he tried to clean isn’t, well, a vase anymore. The repairs to the bathroom sink, led to a bit of a soggy mess. And that cake and the ceiling fan —- ooooo, not good!!

The humour comes from our little narrator’s ignorant bliss at the chaos he has left in his wake – because, well, he was only trying to help.

Love, love, love Andrew Joyner’s (Too Many Elephants in This House) wonderful vibrant and comic illustrations. He portrays the long suffering Aunt fantastically.

What’s The Matter, Aunty May? is entertaining, vibrant and just perfect for reading out loud.


Peter Friend
Andrew Joyner

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