Whatever Happened To My Sister?

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Simona Ciraolo’s (Hug Me) latest picture book is a touching portrayal of growing up, from the very sweet view point of the younger sibling, as she tries ever so hard to determine … Whatever Happened To My Sister?

‘I had my suspicions for a while that someone had replaced my sister with a girl who looked a lot like her.’

For a start her older sister has suddenly grown SO tall, but worst of all she’s becomes incredibly boring. Invitations to play dress up, tea parties are all met with a grumpy ‘No.’

Ciraolo’s narrative exquisitely captures her little narrator’s utter confusion and devastation. The image of her staring so forlornly at her big sister’s firmly shut bedroom door is incredibly touching.

Ciraolo works towards a truly moving ending, which is wonderfully sweet. Ciraolo’s illustrations are truly stunning with a calm, relaxed tone that compliments the narrative beautifully.

Whatever Happened To My Sister? is a fabulous picture book about sibling relationships which is sure to find its way to the heart of many families.


Simona Ciraolo
Simona Ciraolo
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