What Does The Crocodile Say – Eva Montanari

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whatdoescrocodilesayWhat Does The Crocodile Say? from Eva Montanari, is glorious fun to read out loud. It’s the cutest picture book, that deals with going to nursery/kindergarten for the first time in the most delightful manner.

The book opens the minute this little crocodile’s alarm wakes him up with a “dringg dringg.” The remainder of the book captures the day in sounds, which is a brilliant way to capture it, however, this isn’t just any day. This is our little character’s first day at nursery.

There are a few tears at drop off, lightly dealt with by those illustrations before a kindly elephant takes our character by the hand (or should that be claw?!).


Eva’s illustrations and narrative deal kindly with the trepidation our character feels, and shows the nursery as a kind, warm and welcoming place – from the books that are read and the food that’s devoured, to the naps enjoyed.

By the time Mum has returned to pick crocodile up, tears have turned into kisses.

What Does The Crocodile Say? is super fun to read out loud, little ones LOVE to play along with the sounds and adore the emotions conveyed in Eva Montanari’s illustrations.


Eva Montanari
Eva Montanari
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