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We're All Wonders‘The Earth is big enough for all kinds of people.’

The middle grade novel Wonder, from R J Palacio, is a story that we instantly fell in love with on My Book Corner. We’ve since gifted copies to school, friends and family. It’s a heartfelt tale with kindness strongly at its core.

With trepidation I opened up the picture book version, both written and illustrated by the original author herself… would it live up to expectations?

Auggie knows that he is ‘no ordinary kid’, despite enjoying plenty of ‘ordinary things’ he is acutely aware that he looks different. Some people look, stare and point – it’s a powerful moment when both Palacio’s narrative and illustrations show the impact of such thoughtless actions on Auggie’s feelings.

Palacio shows how Auggie copes with his feelings of sadness due to the actions of others, in a wonderfully imaginative sequence. It’s a powerful moment that encourages little readers to reflect on the feelings of those around them. Palacio skillfully turns the narrative to encourage reflection on how others perceive Auggie. The message of We’re All Wonders, is one of kindness, perception and acceptance.

It’s a beautifully simple text, combined with striking illustrations, conveying a strong message that can easily be shared in classroom. Hopefully We’re All Wonders will go a long way in encouraging acceptance and teaching all – both adults and children – to truly embrace  and celebrate those things that make us truly unique.

 ‘Look with kindness and you will always find wonder.’





R J Palacio
R J Palacio

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