Waffle Hearts

Waffle Hearts

Waffle Hearts is the debut novel from Norwegian writer Maria Parr. It’s one of those delicious novels that you’ll want to read again and again.

Parr’s writing is as comforting, warm and wholesome as the waffles of her title! Ooo too much? But, it is fab … here’s why …

Lena and Trilla are two young children who live in the idyllic village of Mathildewick Cove. Told from Trille’s point of view, Waffle Hearts captures a year in their lives.

Trille lives in a house crammed with his family from his grandpa to his little brother, somehow they all find some room. Lena is his neighbour, living with her mum and looking for a dad – she even places an ad for ‘a dad’ in the local shop window.

Lena is the only girl in their school – and my is she a character. Strong, feisty and determined … oh, and she’s always having an accident – normally involving falling out of a tree. But Lena is also a bit of a puzzle… 

‘Sometimes it seems that Lena has a heart of stone’

Impulsive and lots of fun, yet Lena is not one to wear her heart on her sleeve. So, where does that leave Trille …. are they best friends? He daren’t ask her!

Parr follows the two, from Trille’s unique and entertaining viewpoint, as they create mischief and mayhem over the course of one year. 

Each chapter brings new adventures, with a strong thread weaved through to link them all firmly together … friendship.

Waffle Hearts is a beautiful book to give as a present to young readers, and a wonderful one to share a bedtime.

A sparkling debut which celebrates friendship and pure, wholesome adventure.


Maria Parr
Walker Books

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