Voyage To Magical North: The Accidental Pirates Series

The Voyage To Magical North

Cover: Becka Moor

The Voyage To Magical North is the first book in The Accidental Pirate series from UK author Claire Fayers. If you love novels with a great plot, a quirky sense of humour and great imagination then I urge you to delve in, you’re in for a treat!

The novel opens with Brine and Peter. Brine is the servant to Tallis Magus – a particularly unpleasant man, she takes solace in the fact he has an amazing library which she sneaks off to whenever she can. And as Brine has no idea where she came from, having been found as a baby drifting in the sea, she’s ok for now. Peter is Tallis Magus’s apprentice – apparently – he is supposed to be teaching Peter magic, but it’s not going well. Peter has no qualms with taking his frustrations out on Brine.

When Magus suddenly tries to sell both Brine and Peter, they realise they have no option but to runaway, even if that means going together.

From here Fayers reveals a rich adventure story full of pirates, fantastical lands and magic as Peter and Brine fight for survival and their destiny.

Fayers’ brilliant sense of humour is a stand out feature of this novel, you’ll be swept up in a terrific fight one page, then giggling with the next. The plentiful characters are rich and well rounded, from Cassie O’Pia the ‘can she be trusted?’ pirate captain to the deliciously wicked villain Marfak West.

The Voyage To Magical North is a great page turner, full of unexpected twists and turns. The second book in the series, Journey to Dragon Island, is due for publication in May 2017.


Claire Fayers
Becka Moor

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