Violet Mackerel’s Personal Space

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violetmackerelpersonalspaceViolet Mackerel’s Personal Space is a delightful addition to the Violet Mackerel series.

The plot in Personal Space is a little bit more involved, a little bit more complicated and really gets to grips with trying to understand the emotions of others. Perfectly suited for the fan base which is growing up alongside Violet.

Anna’s blend of humour and sensitivity weaves Violet through a period of change in her life – a new house and the marriage of her mum to Vincent. Through the reaction of Violet’s older brother Dylan, the reader is encouraged to empathise with his confusion through the sympathetic eyes of Violet who just wants him to be ok. Delicately handled, as ever, Anna gently explores his feelings – eliciting sympathy, teaching understanding and inspiring courage from her young readers.

I love the delicate touch of Branford’s narrative which sweeps the reader along the journey with Violet. The whimsical pencil illustrations are a perfect match bringing to life crucial moments from the novel, the one depicting Dylan and Violet sitting together outside his tent is particularly evocative.

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Anna Branford
Walker Books

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