Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot

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Book 1. My Book Corner is always on the look out for original, witty chapter books and this CBCA short listed book was a really enjoyable one. Violet is a young girl, who, as the title suggests … hatches a brilliant plot.

The first of a wonderful series from Anna Branford, Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot captures the whimsical habits of the Mackerel family in a fun, light hearted manner.

Every Saturday they climb out of bed and head to the market for mum to sell all the things she has knitted. Big sister Nicola is selling handmade earrings to save up for a special hair cut, Dylan repeats the only three songs he knows on the violin until he has enough to buy a camera. Mum is on a journey of self discovery – learning French and covering the house in self affirming statements!

Mum’s little bits of advice to Violet through the book are great touches – I love Violet’s response to the ‘think outside-the-square’ solution.

Violet is a great character for this age group – she is dynamic and learning to think for herself in order to solve situations. Young readers can relate to, and learn from her. I think this is why my daughter enjoyed this so much.

The book is filled with skilful pencil illustrations by Sarah Davis which help to tell the story and bring the characters to life.


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Anna Brandford
Sarah Davies
Walker Books

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