Velda the Awesomest Viking and the Voyage of Deadly Doom by David MacPhail & Richard Morgan


All Velda wants to be is a proper viking. She has a helmet, a deadly axe and can’t wait to be involved in Certain Death fights. When The Valkyrie, the ship she calls home, is commandeered by the evil Ethelfled, Queen of Kent, Velda escapes with the sought-after ‘Nowhere Map’. Velda, along with help from her friends Nissa and Henna, are determined to sail through the Straights of Incredible Danger and on to the Islands of Deadly Doom so that she can find the treasured Silver Tusk and save the crew!

All she needs now is a ship, a new crew to help her get to the island and a huge dollop of Viking bravery.

A laugh-out-loud tale of treasure hunters, high stakes and farts!

David MacPhail’s brilliant story of friendship, trust and loyalty will have readers urging Velda on as she barters with the evil Opera-singing but slightly smelly Viking queen for the safe return of her beloved family and The Valkyrie. Superb illustrations by Richard Morgan add even more humour to the adventures the three friends have as they head out on their journey of discovery.


David MacPhail
Richard Morgan
Young Kelpies

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