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Unforgotten - My Book CornerUnforgotten is a timeless, hauntingly beautiful narrative. Its haunting tone comes from the evocative poetic narrative which remains with the reader long after the final words have been read.

Unforgotten has that rare quality of a picture book which will equally appeal to both adults and children – each gaining something individual from it.

Unforgotten follows the angel type beings who come to earth ‘like a flicker’ to watch, and to help.

One is left behind, tired and weary. Riddle follows its metamorphosis as it is healed and helped.

The images accompanying the gentle narrative pull the readers’ attention and feed the imagination further.

Riddle uses an eclectic mix of mediums. He integrates cityscapes from New York, employing a sparse but pointed use of colour and a dominance of sepia plus black and white tones. The effect is wonderful.

This is a book which will be savoured by adults and children alike.

Read more about the creative process behind Unforgotten in our interview with Tohby Riddle.


Tohby Riddle
Tohby Riddle

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