Truly Tyler by Terri Libenson

TrulyTylerTyler loves basketball. He also loves to draw. When it comes to being selected for the team for a Very Important Game AND completing an art project with the potential of winning a secret prize – he is torn between the two!

Paired with classmate Emmie, they have three weeks to create a comic worthy enough to win the Student Showcase at the end of the month. Tyler needs to get some basketball practice in if he has any chance of making the team and it’s not long before he has to decide what to focus on more. Will coach consider him if he misses a few practice sessions whilst he’s with Emmie creating their masterpiece? Will Ms Laurie get her completed comic from them both in time to enter the competition before the big game?


Told as a dual narrative graphic novel based in the US school system, Tyler and Emmie go through an emotional roller-coaster as they start middle school and deal with everything thrown at them, in AND out of the classroom. With Tyler’s parent’s divorced and Emmie considered a ‘nerd’ by the cool gang, they both have a lot going on and social media plays a huge part as they consider their friends and enemies within the school walls. Their comic story idea takes centre stage (a genius move by the author to involve a book within a book!) as they both work together on a spooky story that seems to mirror themselves without them realising.

Being a soon-to-be-teen is hard work! From bullying and ostracisation to fitting in and relationships – it’s not easy being 11 but this amazing graphic novel goes a long way to ensure there’s always a way to solve problems life throws at you – you just need true friends to help along the way.


As part of the ‘Emmie & Friends’ series, New York Times award winning author/illustrator Terri Libenson’s latest graphic novel takes the reader on a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the stresses and concerns young people encounter in school life. It is a fast-paced story of friendship and loyalty with a nod to Liz Pichon’s Tom Gates format style. Terri Libenson’s illustrations along with a typography collaboration with Terri and Laura Mock ensure this is a must-read for every school.

‘Truly Tyler’ US based-MG Graphic novel by NYT best-selling author/illustrator Terri Libenson, published Balzer & Bray (imprint of Harper Collins), illustrations by Terri Libenson, typography by Terri Libenson & Laura Mock.



Terri Libenson
Terri Libenson

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