Tottie & Dot

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Great news! Picture book creators Tania McCartney & Tina Snerling have come together for a second time. The result? The vibrant and modern Tottie & Dot.

Whimsical, fun and vibrant Tottie & Dot has a fabulous visual appeal. The turquoise and magenta hues are so striking bringing these two adorable characters to life.

Tottie and Dot live next door to each other. They live a cute lifestyle, nibbling apricot sandwiches & sipping marshmallow lemonade together. They really are great friends.

Unfortunately they both fall foul to the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ trap in a rather amusing twist.

Tottie decides to paint her house mauve. Well, Dot’s no so sure about that … so paints hers pistachio. This is just the beginning … awnings appears, Dot pebbles her path with gum balls. Before long there are roller coasters & ski slops as it all gets a little crazy … resulting in many giggles from little readers.

A wordless double page here has a great visual impact to emphasise the lengths these girls have gone to. A great way to help little readers absorb what has happened to Tottie & Dot’s friendship.

Tottie and Dot resolve the situation in their own, careful manner.

Tottie & Dot is a fun picture book with a wonderfully subtle message. The detailed illustrations are wonderful fun to pour over … try & spot those two cheeky birds who crop up on each page!


Tania McCartney
Tina Snerling
EK Books

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