Today We Have No Plans

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Today We Have No Plans

It is always with much delight that we delve in to a brand new Anna Walker book preparing to be delighted by her signature illustrations. In Today We Have No Plans she has teamed up with the talented writer Jane Godwin (All Through The Year) to bring us a delightful picture book which oh so effortlessly captures family life with young children.

Weekdays are frantic for so many households. Swimming lessons to get to, school lunches to prepare, notes to sign … and then the weekend comes. For all those who love pyjama days … this one is for you!

Jane takes the reader through each day of the week. This is a joy to read out loud as many lines gain the response “I do that!”, “That’s what my mum does!” Her ability to capture the frenetic pace of many pre-school mornings, will have many parents nodding in empathy! From swimming lessons to after school care, Godwin captures a little bit of everything that readers can relate to.

As Sunday comes around the pace slows significantly both for the character in the book and for us as readers. The narrative meanders along beautifully and encourages us to explore the little things in life,

‘Notice all the little things

So small, so quiet, so slow.’

As Sunday takes its time they indulge in pancakes for breakfast, and the guilty pleasure of staying in PJs all day! Perfect!

Anna Walker’s illustrations in Today We Have No Plans are stunning. Whimsical and full of nostalgia with a delicate attention to detail that the children adore. The endpapers are perfect, featuring many items found in our households.


Jane Godwin
Anna Walker

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