Toby And The Tricky Things

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tobytrickythingsSome things are just very tricky. Even for supposed grown-ups! But especially for little ‘uns who are growing a bit more independent.

Toby the elephant is a Big Boy now and can do lots of things All By Himself. And he has to, because his sister, Iris, needs a lot of attention from Mummy. But Toby’s attempts to crack the tricky things leads to Bad Buttons, Wrong Wellies, and a rather disastrous (but funny!) trip to the loo.

Maybe I’m biased, being a huge fan of elephants, but there doesn’t seem to be enough of these wonderful creatures in picture books! So it’s lovely to see them here, especially ones drawn by the amazing Christine Pym. Her illustrations perfectly capture Toby’s frustration when Mummy is busy with Iris. In fact, Toby gets so cross he decides to go on an adventure All By Himself in the garden. Cold and hungry, he starts to think that being a Big Boy is not all it’s cracked up to be. But Mummy might be able to change his mind…

Lou Peacock and Christine Pyms’ Toby And The Tricky Things is perfect for older siblings who are perhaps struggling to accept Mummy or Daddy’s divided attention, or indeed for any fellow elephant fans!


Lou Peacock
Christine Pym
Nosy Crow

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