Tinsel: The Girls Who Invented Christmas by Sibéal Pounder


Hmmm, what if we HAVE got the story of Father Christmas completely and utterly wrong. What if… Mrs Claus had a LOT more to do with it. Because, we don’t really hear much about her story do we? Until now…

Meet Blanche Claus, an orphan living on the streets. It’s winter, it’s cold and an old lady gifts her a bauble. A rather strange and mysterious bauble. On the same night she bumps into Rinki, also an orphan. The bauble leads the way to a magical and at times nail biting adventure, and there all along, is the strong friendship, the bond, that develops between these two girls – and at the heart of it, is their love of Christmas and their desire to make it something more for everyone.

Turning the legend of Father Christmas on its head, in a most delightful manner, there’s much to be enjoyed in this one… I’ve been telling everyone about it!

Tinsel, from Sibéal Pounder, is warm, wintery festive treat populated with strong girls, friendship and adventures. A perfect, tinsel-filled dollop of Christmas cheer.


Sibéal Pounder
Sarah Warbie

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