Time for Bed, Miyuki

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TimeforBedMiyukiTime for Bed, Miyuki, from Roxane Marie Galliez and Seng Soun Ratanavanh is a deliciously sublime picturebook. Wonderfully produced, with beautifully thick pages… it has the stroke-ability factor that’s awarded to the very best in picture books.

French writer Galliez  has penned an exquisitely imaginative book about bedtime… and the lengths some children, namely Miyuki, will go to in order to avoid the inevitable. Fortunately she has a very, VERY patient grandfather who indulges her wishes, and gently encourages her along the right path once the inevitable yawns set in. But. Not before a bedtime story. Of course.

Miyuki’s reasons for not hoping into bed, quite yet, are fun and whimsical. The snails need to be led home, she simply MUST prepare for the arrival of the Dragonfly Queen… this is a great treat for little imaginations.

Ratanavanh’s fine art is just beautiful, with an wonderfully eclectic mixture of hues and patterns adorning each page, she captures the infinite possibilities of Miyuki’s imagination. I loved the image of Miyuki and her Grandfather leading the snails home, which had fabulous touches of humour.

With gentle humour and a gentle, poetic tone Time for Bed, Miyuki is an adorable bedtime book.


Roxane Marie Galliez
Seng Soug Ratanavanh
Princeton Architectural Press

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