Tiger Skin Rug by Joan Haig


Lal misses India. His family have just moved to the middle of nowhere in Scotland and the cold dreary weather is making him miserable. Will the midges ever stop buzzing? Will the drizzle ever turn into sunshine? He misses the warmth of the sun, his old apartment in the bustling city and most of all India.

Moving into their new home, it soon becomes clear that Greystanes is not just an ordinary house. It is an old home full of secrets and whispers that intrigue and baffle Lal and his brother Dilip as they embrace their new surroundings. In the drawing room of their new home they discover a tiger skin rug. It stares up at them from its place beside the fire.Strange sounds and movements begin to happen while the boys are in the room and before long, they realise that the tiger is magical, that it comes to life and can even fly!

Jenny lives nearby with her gran and the boys soon become firm friends with her, joining in stories around the table as they learn about Scottish fables from long ago. Gran tells them that Greystanes has a secret but no one in the village knows what it is as the previous owner never let anyone inside…but Lal and Dilip do!

Joan Haig has a fantastic way of luring the reader in. From the creepy vibes to be found in their new home to the warm climes of their old one, you will be glad you opened this book as you join Lal, Dilip and Jenny as they travel to distant lands determined to unravel the mysteries of the tiger. Tiger Skin Rug is a fantastic story of friendship, the true meaning of home and keeping secrets!


Joan Haig
Cranachan Publishing

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