Those Pesky Rabbits

Those Pesky RabbitsThose Pesky Rabbits is a delightful picture book from Ciara Flood featuring a rather grumpy bear and some very friendly rabbits.

Bear lives alone, in the middle of nowhere, ‘just the way he liked it.’ thank you very much! So, when a family of rabbits move next door he is far from impressed.

Those Pesky RabbitsContinuous knocking on his front door by those rabbits – with requests for everything from jars of honey, to invitations to watch the stars – are totally and utterly irritating.

And no, bear does not take up the invitation, nor does he see fit to hand over one of his many jars of honey to these ‘pesky rabbits.’

Really, don’t they understand ….

“What I want is to be left alone!”

I love how the rabbits meet his anger with kindness, and it is their acts of kindness that resonate with bear to make him reflect on what he really wants and needs.

Those Pesky RabbitsCiara Flood has penned a lovely story about friendship. She blends humour with some lovely, touching moments which encourage the reader to reflect on the value of friendships in a beautifully subtle manner.

Flood’s illustrations take the story further. They provide fabulous depth to the both the plot and characters, with lots of added elements to spot. Keep an eye out for that little mouse!

There is a fabulous collection of FREE downloadable Pesky Rabbit activities over on Ciara Flood’s own website.


Ciara Flood
Ciara Flood
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