This is Crab by Harriet Evans & Jacqui Lee


Well, it didn’t take long for This is Crab to become a favourite in this house! There’s a lot of finger tapping, book shaking, page tickling, finger waggling and joining in with the clear, simple text! Harriet Evans’ encouraging interactivity coupled with Jacqui Lee’s bright underwater illustrations make it absolutely perfect to share with little ones.

This is one of those books that you know is going to be fab as soon as you open the first page. The ones that make you say ‘wow’ and smile as soon as you set eyes on them. I love the way Harriet speaks directly to the reader in the first line and immediately draws them to the seabed to meet her friend Crab. Two huge eyes peer out from a dark cave on the page. Cue finger tapping on the picture to encourage the shy crustacean out to say hello!

Whilst being loads of fun, there is also a lot of room for educational discussion about the ocean and its array of wonderful creatures. Crab meets an octopus, sea turtles, tangs and a decorator crab whilst wandering the seabed. There is also reference to crabs changing shells as they grow, decorator crabs adorning themselves with anemones and the beauty of a coral reef.

Youngsters will love being involved with the story telling and may, like mine, even demand to take over! This is Crab, is certainly a book to be read over and over again! So scuba dive on down to the depths of the ocean and enjoy this crab-ulous book!


Harriet Evans
Jacqui Lee
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