This Is Banjo Patterson

This Is Banjo PattersonThis Is Banjo Patterson is the latest picture book collaboration between Tania McCartney and Christina Booth.

If you are looking for a wonderful way to weave great poetry into your little listeners’ lives – this book is just the one.

Tania McCartney’s narrative gently guides us through the tale of the famous poet – Banjo Patterson. Who is he? Where was he born? And how did he come to write poetry? The narrative carefully piques the readers’ interest as it takes us through Banjo’s own journey – it’s quite fascinating.

Along side McCartney’s words, Christina Booth’s illustrations portray present day kids, acting out Banjo’s life – a wonderful way of making the story relate-able to little readers. I love how there are many features to her illustration which encourage you stop to absorb the details.

Whilst the main text itself is in prose, the boy playing Banjo in the illustrations has lots of lovely lines in verse – a brilliant touch.

And then of course, we come to Banjo Patterson’s famous poetry itself. How lovely to turn to the final pages of the book to discover his poetry including – Waltzing Matilda, Frogs in Chorus and a wonderful excerpt from the famous Man From Snowy River. All these are presented alongside photos of the man himself – what a wonderful way to bring history to life.

This Is Banjo Patterson is the latest picture book collaboration between Tania McCartney and Christina Booth, and is definitely worth diving into.


Tania McCartney
Christina Booth
National Library of Australia

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