This Book Just Ate My Dog!

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This Book Just Ate My Dog!– nope, that isn’t a typo!

This is a wonderfully interactive book, full of humour, giggles and a very engaging storyline.

‘Wanted. Nice reader to show this naughty book who’s boss.’

… are you the right person?! Bella is minding her own business, taking her dog for ‘a stroll across the page when …’ the strangest thing occurs. Bella stand a-gasp as her beloved pet gradually disappears into the folds of the book!

She summons all sorts of help, but urm, they all kinda go the same way.

Richard Byrne cleverly invites the readers to help Bella find her dog, her friend Ben, the dog rescue unit etc. I love this part – it has such a great reaction from readers.

Then there is that clever little twist that Byrne sneaks in at the end, that one fetched a few giggles too!!

This Book Just Ate My Dog! – just clever. Filled with vibrant, humorous illustrations which pull you into the book … just don’t get too close!!


Richard Byrne
Richard Byrne
Oxford University Press

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