There’s A Dragon In Your Book

theresadragoninyourbookWho doesn’t like dragons? Especially if they’re cute baby ones. But they do sneeze fire so watch out.

There’s A Dragon In Your Book is a follow-up to Tom Fletcher and Greg Abbotts’ successful There’s A Monster In Your Book (I’m sensing a theme…) and is fun and engaging.

It’s interactive – not in the sense of lift-the-flap or touchy-feely patches but through words. I can imagine it becoming a favourite repeat read for children who will look forward to blowing out the fire, or high-fiving the dragon or flapping the book to help the dragon fly.

I’m using it in a blog on writing YA fiction as a great example of page-turning and how to build suspense. Strange but true. But don’t worry about all that excitement at bedtime because it gently winds down towards closing the book.

There’s A Dragon In Your Book is one to really enjoy sharing.


Tom Fletcher
Greg Abbott
Penguin Random House

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