There’s A Troll On My Toilet by Catherine Jacob & Mike Byrne


There’s A Troll On My Toilet from Catherine Jacob and Mike Byrne is pure fun and entertainment. A troll is not just for Halloween (!), but this one really is perfectly suited to Halloween.

“There’s a witch in my kitchen! She’s boiling a brew,

mixing slimy green frogs’ legs with pink gloopy goo.”

…and so starts the fun. Our little narrator finds lots of mysterious creatures doing all sorts of strange things as he goes through his house. How odd!

A delightful refrain accompanies each page turn and keeps up a great momentum, perfect for reading out loud.

Mike Byrne’s vibrant and lively illustrations bound off the page with tonnes of energy and fun as a narrator discovers mummy magicians, munching monsters and even a werewolf.

The gorgeous ending reveals a fabulous, non-scary twist – There’s A Troll On My Toilet really is perfect for little ones.

Read our interview with Catherine Jacob here.


Catherine Jacob
Mike Byrne

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