There’s A Dragon In My Dinner

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There's A Dragon In My Dinner - Tom Nicoll & Sarah Horne

There’s A Dragon In My Dinner is a rollicking good read from Tom Nicoll, with fabulous illustrations by Sarah Horne.

There’s A Dragon In My Dinner is a fast paced, humorous chapter book which begins when Eric finds a tiny dragon toy in his Chinese takeaway. Well. He assumes it’s a toy. When the ‘toy’ starts tugging at his leg and asking questions … he soon realises his mistake!

Pan is a mini-dragon – don’t get that wrong – who leads Eric into a heap of trouble. But. Eric’s birthday is fast approaching, and if he reaches three strikes before the big day, his wish for ‘the fastest electric scooter on the market – a Thunderbolt’ is at risk.

Eric’s problems only get bigger when his next door neighbour Toby, the boy who has everything, works out Pan’s secret. Now he wants Pan … and he’ll do anything to get his hands on him.

Nicoll’s narrative is full of lively dialogue and great humour. This chapter book is a great page turner for ages 7+. Horne’s black and white illustrations are dotted through out the pages adding to the humour.

Read our interview with Tom. Book 2 in the series is There’s A Dragon in My Backpack.


Tom Nicoll
Sarah Horne
Little Tiger Press

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