The Worst Princess

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worstprincess - Anna Kemp



The Worst Princess is a quirky picture book from Anna Kemp. Princess Sue has read ALL the books. She knows she must wait for her prince to come with her hair tied in plaits at the top of a very tall tower … it’s what comes after that she really isn’t prepared for.

A room full of pretty dresses really isn’t what Sue had in mind. Told in catchy rhyme and rhythm we follow Sue as she makes a most unusual ally and sets about doing, well, exactly what she wants to. Who said you had to follow the status quo?!

With a great command of language Anna Kemp pens a modern tale whilst avoiding many of the clichés usually found in ‘anti princess’ style books.

Sara Ogilvie’s illustrations are incredibly bold and bright – take a look at that front cover. They are quirky and fun, brilliantly reflecting the tone of the writing.


Anna Kemp
Sara Ogilvie
Simon and Schuster

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