The Worst Class in the World Get Worse by Joanna Nadin & Rikin Parekh


Yes! 4B are back! From the fabulous duo Joanna Nadin and Rikin Parekh the next instalment in The Worst Class in the World series is here.

Surely 4B can’t get any worse… or entertaining?! Well, urm, yep!

The latest antics of Stanley, his fabulous friends and the long suffering Mr Nidgett are sure to entertain you once more.

4B really do have the best intentions. The VERY best intentions. I mean, if you spotted a gloomy looking penguin in the zoo, well, you’d take action – wouldn’t you???

With gloriously funny illustrations from Rikin Parekh follow 4B on their latest escape which even Mrs Bottomley-Blunt couldn’t have predicted with her very comprehensive list of rules.

Delving into this book would absolutely be a FOOLPROOF PLAN. What are you waiting for?


Joanna Nadin
Rikin Parekh

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