The Vigilante Tooth Fairy by B.B Taylor & James Shaw


‘..Are you ready? Magic is all around us and comes in many forms…’

Let me introduce you to a young tooth fairy called Mouse. Mouse has no idea why she’s a tooth fairy because she’s never actually collected a tooth before! When the Tooth Council becomes concerned that they’re running out of teeth, Mouse decides to take matters into her own hands, even if they all think she’s too small!

That night, Mouse found the house she was looking for. She knew there was a wobbly tooth in there; it was just a case of finding it and taking it back to the Council – she was so excited for her first ever successful tooth collection. However, when Mouse goes into the wrong bedroom and tries to take a perfectly good tooth from Faith instead of the wobbly tooth from her little brother Jake, Mouse has a lot of explaining to do…

Mouse confesses to Faith that they are short of teeth and as Jake’s tooth isn’t quite ready to fall out yet they are going to run out very soon! Faith has a plan which involves a lot of teeth in one place, a place Mouse had never considered before. Can you guess where it is?

Join Mouse and Faith as they become friends, planning and plotting their adventure together, and filling the reader’s world with magic and mayhem.

B.B Taylor has a fantastic way of drawing the reader into the story from the very first page, her infectious humour is evident in the fabulous text and James Shaw’s illustrations provide fantastic images of the pivotal scenes and compelling characters throughout. An absolute joy to read!


B. B. Taylor
James Shaw
Tiny Tree

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