The Vanishing Lake by Paddy Donnelly


The Vanishing Lake, written and illustrated by Paddy Donnelly, tells the story of Meara and her Granddad’s lake. It’s filled with curiosity, imagination and wonder at the natural world.

Meera’s Granddad lives beside a lake called Loughareema. However. Sometimes the lake is there. Sometimes… it’s not! It vanishes. Completely.

Totally perplexed and confused, Meara quizzes her Granddad. And each time she asks… he has a different explanation. From mermaids pulling the plug to the sheep soaking it alllll up with their wool.

The whole thing remains a mystery, Meara searches high and low for clues until one day she learns… well, you’ll have to delve in to discover the true answer!

The Vanishing Lake is an adorable picture book capturing the relationship between granddaughter and grandad, taking delight in the imagination and curiosity. The wonderful colour palette captures the environment beautifully. Such a treat!



Paddy Donnelly
Paddy Donnelly
Yeehoo Press

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