The Titanic Detective Agency – Lindsay Littleson

titanicdetectiveagencyThe Titanic Detective Agency is the latest novel from Lindsay Littleson.

When Bertha Watt boards the unsinkable RMS Titanic she embraces life on the sea as her family makes the bold decision to cross the Atlantic for a better life in America.

It’s not long before Bertha’s instincts tell her things on board are not what they seem – especially when it comes to a certain passenger that goes by the name of Louis Hoffman. Together, with her new friend Madge Collyer, they create The Collyer-Watt Detective Agency. There time on board is spent hunting for clues and sneaking around the ship in forbidden quarters. Bertha meets Johan, a boy travelling alone from Sweden. He seeks the treasure he has been told will make his fortune in order to send for the rest of his family so that they can all enjoy a new and prosperous life in the far away land. His only possessions are the clothes on his back and a silver key and a map in a language he doesn’t understand. He enlists Bertha’s help to decipher the treasure map and their adventure on board the doomed ship begins.

Can they decipher the map to find the lost treasure? Will Bertha solve the mystery of Mr Louis Hoffman? Will The Collyer-Watt Detective Agency survive the doomed journey on the infamous ship? There’s only one way to find out!

The Titanic Detective Agency is another fantastic example of Lindsay Littleson’s superb writing. With intrigue and suspense on every page, the reader will be drawn into the world of Bertha and Marge as they decipher clues to unravel the secrets of their fellow travellers. Keeping in line with the 1912 theme, this novel is a well-researched step back in time. The attention to detail to not only the inside of the ship itself but to the class rights and era Bertha lives in, confirms its place on any bookshelf. With a nod to the detective themes in The Famous Five and Murder Most Unladylike, I cannot think of a better agency to solve any mystery should one ever come my way.

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Lindsay Littleson
Cranachan Publishing

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