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The Tiffin

he Tiffin from Mahtab Narsimnhan is a wonderful novel, perfectly pitched at readers aged 10+.

Be transported into the world of India – full of delicious smells, monsoon rains and those intriguing tiffin boxes.

Narsminhan’s novel follows the up and downs of young Kunal, a 13 year old boy in Bombay.

Kunal, an orphan, just desperately wants to belong – to be a part of a family and all that he hopes that would bring him …

‘Wished he could lead the life of a normal boy with homework the only worry on his mind.’

Kunal has been working every waking hour at Sejthi’s restaurant. Poorly treated, when the opportunity presents itself to escape, Kunal clutches it with both hands.

It is a night that changes the direction of his life in more ways than one.

Kunal is a determined, likeable character. Narsminhan takes the reader on his journey – a fast moving one during which Kunal learns an important, heart warming lesson about family.

Narsminhan’s writing is deliciously evocative of the aromas of Indian food.

The infamous manner of daily transporting thousands (400,000!) of Tiffin boxes filled with hot food into the city centre workers is a key focus on her novel. Wow!

I urge you to read more about the incredibly Tiffin delivery, which only happens in India – the YouTube clip below is a great starting point, followed by this article in The Guardian.

The Tiffin is an engrossing novel for 10+ – fast paced, great characters and an intriguing plot.


Mahtab Narisminhan
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